Questions for the Cardinal series launched

Questions for the Cardinal series launched

In a get-to-know-you opportunity, a new online video series gives children and teens in The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago the chance to pose a question to Cardinal Wilton Gregory.

 Questions for the Cardinal features questions asked of Cardinal Gregory on a wide range of topics, many of them the kind of things one would ask a new acquaintance. “What was your life like as a child?” “How did you get your job?” “What do you like to do in your free time?”

 Others are more faith-oriented, such as those asking the head of the archdiocese how he decided to become a priest, what a synod is or about Cardinal Gregory’s relationship with Pope Francis.

The questions and Cardinal Gregory’s answers are edited into short video clips available on the Archdiocesan YouTube channel.

Some of the questions are compiled at various churches and schools during the cardinal’s visits. Others are submitted online, using a form at that webpage. They can be recorded on a cellphone and uploaded to the Questions for the Cardinal webpage:

The primary requirements for submitting a question are that they come from children or teens in grades K-12 who live or attend church or Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Washington. A parent or guardian must give permission for on-line submissions. The cardinal’s responses to the questions are a combination of his in-person answers at events and recordings made later.

The feature echoes one then-Archbishop Gregory also enjoyed as archbishop of Atlanta, before he was named to head the Washington Archdiocese in 2019. His responses are informal and conversational, suited to being understood by questioners who sometimes are quite young.