The canonical visit to the Aletti Center, founded by Rupnik, has concluded, and here is what part of the report states

(ZENIT News / Rome, 09.18.2023).- Following the news spread by press agencies and the statements signed by Father Johan Verschueren, General Delegate for the Interprovincial Houses of the Jesuits in Rome, concerning certain events related to Father Marko Rupnik and also related to the Aletti Center, on January 16, 2023, the Vicar Cardinal of Rome ordered the opening of a Canonical Visit to the Public Association of the Faithful of the Diocese of Rome “Centro Aletti,” erected on June 5, 2019, to investigate “the dynamics of the association and the actual consistency of the issues raised by certain parties.” The investigation was entrusted to Reverend Giacomo Incitti, Professor of Canon Law at the Pontifical Urban University.

The aim of the Canonical Visit was, in particular, “to ascertain the mode of management of the Association and the effective functioning of its governing bodies; the examination of the life of the Association in all its aspects, including the relationships of the members with the Founder and the group of leaders, as well as the relational dynamics among the members themselves, with reference (…) also to the period before June 5, 2019.” The investigation was carried out diligently and confidentially, through community meetings and a significant number of personal interviews with both current members and numerous individuals who had contact with the life and activities of the Center in various capacities. On June 23, 2023, the Visitor presented his final report.

From this report, it is clear that there is a healthy community life in the Aletti Center, free from particular problems. The Visitor was able to confirm that the members of the Aletti Center, though saddened by the accusations made and the way they were handled, chose to remain silent – despite the vehemence of the media – to guard their hearts and not claim an impeccable status to judge others. In the Visitor’s opinion, this entire matter has helped those who experience the Aletti Center to strengthen their trust in the Lord, knowing that God’s gift of life prevails even through trials.

At the same time, the new needs that arose and were also evaluated in light of the decision of the Society of Jesus to leave the Aletti Center required some necessary initial changes to the Statute, which, however, left the foundational objectives intact.

Based on the final report, the Vicar Cardinal, after confirming that there were no reasons to take further measures within his jurisdiction, decreed the closure of the Canonical Visit.

As explicitly requested in the appointment decree, considering the impact on the life of the Association, the Visitor also diligently examined the main accusations made against Father Rupnik, especially the one that led to the request for excommunication. Based on the extensive documentary material studied, the Visitor was able to confirm and therefore point out seriously anomalous procedures, the examination of which raised serious doubts even about the request for excommunication itself. Given the seriousness of these findings, the Vicar Cardinal forwarded the report to the competent authorities.”


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